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The Beginner’s Guide to MOBOX: Step by Step Guide

What is Mobox?

MOBOX is a community-driven platform that increases user engagement and entertainment through governance token (MBOX) rewards. using a revolutionary token economy system that nicely combines the best of DeFi and NFT, MOBOX uses financial mechanisms and gaming systems to empower users, creating a truly unique and lasting ecosystem of happy games and easy money.

Currently, MOBOX has 3 successful games online.


They are:

  1. MOMO: Token Master
  2. MOMO Farmer
  3. Trade Action

2 games will be launched soon:

  1. MOMO: Block Brawler
  2. MOMO: Tactical Party Slaye
mobox famer

What is MOMO?


MOMO is an NFT asset on the MOBOX platform. Each MOMO NFT has a randomly generated arithmetic value, which can be upgraded by consuming other MOMO NFT upgrades. the total arithmetic power of MOMO is the sum of the arithmetic power of all MOMOs owned by the user. the allocation of MBOX tokens depends on the weighted average of the user’s total MOMO arithmetic power on the entire platform.

Players have three ways to acquire MOMO.

  1. In the MOBOX platform, there is a well-established decentralized NFT trading marketplace, where players can freely buy and sell MOMO.
  2. Players can also extract MOMO by purchasing blind boxes (key and box).
  3. You can also go to the rental market and rent other players’ momo, but the rented momo can only participate in the MOMO: Token Master game at the moment, and you cannot get rewards by pledging.

How is MOMO displayed?


In the My MOMO interface, you can see the MOMO you have acquired, and in icon mode, you can see all the MOMO that can be generated at the moment. Click on a MOMO to enter the MOMO detail interface, you can upgrade, change the name, leave a message, etc.
MOMO of rare quality (purple) or above can be upgraded to obtain a higher power boost after upgrading, and upgrading MOMO needs to consume other low-quality MOMO.

You can check the specific upgrade rules in the game.
Any set of MOMO combinations can get an additional fixed bonus.

Automatic participation in MBOX mining.


To reduce the player’s consumption of Gas, all newly acquired MOMO is automatically pledged in mining without any other operations.
The MBOX acquisition screen shows the total network count and your own count. The red arrows show how MOMOs can earn count bonuses.

Players only need to have three in-game NFT characters, momo, to participate in the various gameplay of MOBOX. In addition to playing games, you can also pledge momo at MOMO Farmer to get mbox airdrop rewards. momo is divided into six quality levels, (normal, good, excellent, The higher the quality, the higher the count, and the higher the count, the more rewards will be obtained and the stronger the momo will be in battle.

3 Games in MOBOX

MOMO: Token Master

This is the hottest game on the mobox platform at the moment. In MOMO: Token Master, there are four types of games: “Loot”, “Fight”, “Monopoly” and “Quest”. “The “Adventure” game is the simplest, which is to choose one of the three routes to explore, each route randomly rewarded with a certain number of Mbox, but you need to have three rare quality or higher momo to participate, you can participate once a day.


  1. In MOMO: Token Master, the higher the total count of MOMO, the faster the gold production, offline does not affect the output.
  2. All quality MOMO will randomly 4 skills after entering the game, use MBOX to refresh the skills.
  3. 4 skills are 1 active skill + 3 passive skills, the game has about 80 active skills + 100 passive skills, skills combination will determine the MOMO’s combat ability.
  4. The initial skill is level 1, skill upgrade will be related to the gem system.

Season reward

There are several ranking rewards in MOMO: Token Master, among which the highest reward is , other rankings are , and at the end of each match battle, you will get 1-3 stars respectively according to the number of MOMO you destroy your opponent, and so on.

MOMO: Token Master will adopt the season system, and the ranking rewards will be issued at the end of each season while clearing the game data.

MOMO Farmer

MOMO Farm not only has a revenue aggregator to find the best liquidity mining revenue strategy for users but also will cast distinctive NFT MOMOs with multiple gaming features. this allows MOBOX users to experience the ultimate feeling of playing for free and earning easily on the GameFi platform.

Users can pledge assets such as BNB, BUSD, USDT, USDC, and DAI to MOBOX’s revenue aggregator for liquidity mining of MBOX, which can be used to subscribe to the BOX and open it to get NFT MOMO, which will automatically be pledged after it is obtained and will be mined for MBOX based on the computing power. NFTs of rare quality or higher can be upgraded by consuming lower quality NFTs, and the upgrade will significantly increase the arithmetic power.

Each user-owned NFT MOMO can be traded on the MOMO NFT exchange, thus creating a sustainable user-generated ecosystem.


  1. MOMOs of rare quality and count ≥ 30 have the renamed attribute.
  2. Historical quality all have the renamed attribute and arithmetic ≥ 80 have the message attribute.
  3. Legendary quality both have a name change and message attributes.
  4. Note: The edited name and personal information will be stored on the blockchain forever.Rare quality or above NFT can be upgraded, and the arithmetic power will be significantly increased after the upgrade. Currently, the highest upgradeable level is 30, subsequent versions will gradually expand the NFT level cap.
  5. Rare quality or higher NFT can consume low-quality NFT to upgrade, the upgrade can not change its quality, but the upgrade will be a significant increase in computing power, different quality upgrade requirements.

Now you should understand the special features of MOMOs! Let’s delve into how MOMOs are traded on the market.

MOMO exchange.

  1. Due to the special design of our smart contracts, all NFT transactions can be done directly within the contract, players do not need to take out from the pledge contract.
  2. When a user hangs NFT in pledge to the market, the arithmetic power of the NFT will be removed from your total arithmetic power.
  3. Buyers can calculate the NFT’s power into your total power after purchase without pledging.
  4. Users can sell NFTs in one package at the same time, but buyers must buy the whole package if they want to buy.
  5. The transaction fee is 5%.

Trade Action

In the trading competition, users can use virtual assets to simulate investment. Here, different trading strategies, income comparisons, and investment ideas will intersect and merge. Users can participate risk-free, learn and improve through practice with previously untried trading strategies, and compete with other MOBOX users in a “who’s the smartest investor” contest.

In this trading feature, there will be a ranking according to the rate of return, so we will see whether you are the best in the capital battlefield or the one with no money to lose. The MOBOX trading contest will make your dreams come true and be fun.


LeverageMania is an exciting short-time leverage investment game where you will be given token assets to buy up and kill with 100X-1000X leverage.
During the 120 second countdown, users can buy, sell short positions, and close trades at any time.
Each round users will be ranked based on their best profit/loss of an asset.
This is a very exciting game where the user has the opportunity to see extreme movements of money, up and down by millions of dollars per minute, and experience the feeling of being a mogul who is at the top of his life one minute and at the bottom the next.

Bull vs Bear

Bull vs Bear will provide a fast-paced trading experience for bitcoin that rises and falls in the next 120 seconds, allowing users to feel the thrill of the capital roller coaster in the shortest amount of time.
Once you choose to go long or short, you can start watching the Bull vs Bear chaos. Depending on your bearish or bullish choice on bitcoin, the points you get will be accumulated for correct judgment.
Each round users will be ranked based on the points accumulated in each round.
Now let the bitcoin wars begin!

Newbie tutorial to play in MOBOX

How to Participate?

Step 1: Please use Google Chrome to login to the official website:

Step 2: Download the client


Step 3: After downloading, follow the wallet registration process to create or import a wallet through the helper.

After you register your account, you need to create a wallet, you can create a new wallet or import a helper word or private key. The imported helper word will be converted into a private key and stored locally with encryption, please keep it safe.

How do I create a wallet?

Since MOBOX is a project running on Coin On Chain (BSC), you need to create a BSC wallet. The MOBOX APP can help you create a BSC wallet quickly.

Step 1: Open the MOBOX DAPP, switch to the “Assets” page, and click “Create BSC Wallet”.

Step 2: Back up the helper word. A mnemonic is another form of the private key, which is converted by an algorithm from a 64-bit private key to several common English words so that it is much easier to remember. Please transcribe the mnemonic on a paper file and keep it safe.

Step 3: Verify the mnemonics. Enter the words you have recorded in order. Pictures

Under no circumstances should you show your wallet’s private key or mnemonic to anyone. You may risk asset theft if you disclose your key information to a third party. Note: Please do not take screenshots and never show the following pages to anyone.

Step 4: Creation is complete. Congratulations, you have successfully created a BSC wallet. You can easily manage the assets under your wallet from this assets page.

Step 5: Go to MOMO Farmer to experience the MOBOX program. After creating your wallet, go to the “Games” page and select “MOMO Farmer” to experience it.

The MOMO Farmer for MOBOX can be accessed directly from TokenPocket’s discovery page.

In terms of the marketplace, Mobox is a project that was released in April of this year, and one week after its release, total NFT transactions exceeded $5 million. this platform is typical of GameFi by mixing game, NFT, and DeFi mechanics, using liquidity pools, revenue farming, and NFT to attract users. currently, in the game’s MOMO Farmer, total locked-in volume exceeds $100 million In the last week, its native token mbox price rose from 0.6 to around $4.4

Recently also on the mining board of Binance, on the Binance, can be said to be successfully turned. The future is worth looking forward to.

Market statistics data table of MOBOX

Market ValueTotal supply (mobox)Circulation (mobox)Maximum supply (mobox)
1191.4 million399,913,000108.53 million1 billion
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